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Cryptos: These 10 currencies are being discussed particularly intensely today

Updated on 10/20/2018 at 11:00 am CEST

Frankfurt am Main/Bonn (spn).

This Saturday these 10 cryptos are the center of attention in social media (updated: 11:00 am CEST):

1.AC3AC310.451%0.040383641977 USD+20.3%11:00 am
2.AirWireWIRE6.480%0.0576745276251 USD-25.4%11:00 am
3.OAXOAX4.258%0.247222526463 USD+2%11:00 am
4.PrimeStonePSC3.318%0.00216315185532 USD-7.5%11:00 am
5.RapidsRPD3.138%0.0000644291607507 USD+11%11:00 am
6.AeronARN2.866%0.707125754459 USD-2.1%11:00 am
7.BunnyCoinBUN2.756%0.00000422496852784 USD+7%11:00 am
8.MasariMSR2.704%0.299249097142 USD-2.5%11:00 am
9.AlibabacoinABBC2.579%0.918740699182 USD-23.9%11:00 am
10.Grid+GRID2.289%0.131755198558 USD-31.9%11:00 am
11.STEXSTEX2.017%0.609424164609 USD-5%11:00 am

Background: Buzz is a measure for the intensity of communication about a crypto coin. Put simpler: Buzz shows the level of attention from market participants. The value refers to the average number of opinions, tweets and messages for each crypto coin, thus the value is expressed as percentage. 100% means that currently the normal amount of messages is observed. 500% means that the crypto coin is currently discussed five times more than on average. StockPulse is a pioneer in the area of Big Data analyses for financial markets. It is now also calculating the global StockPule Crypto Coin Index (SCCIXX)

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Please be aware that buzz and sentiment values for crypto coins can be subject to very high volatility, just like regular security prices.

To calculate these values StockPulse considers millions of Tweets, news, and social media posts about the financial markets each day. Buzz and sentiment data should be seen as short-term indicators and are updated continuously. StockPulse is an expert in the area of Big Data analyses for financial markets and also publishes the global StockPulse Crypto Coin Index (SCCIXX) at